System 32 HPL template


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System 32 HPL template – drilling shelf support (peg) holes with a plunge router

System 32 HPL

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System 32 HPL template is designed for drilling quick and accurate holes for shelf supports (pegs).

The template features positioning pin holes.

Pins along the template are placed to offset the center of the drilled holes 37 mm from the edge of the piece.

The pin on the short side of the template offsets the first drilled hole from the top or bottom of the piece by the following distances:

  • 32 mm,
  • 28 mm,
  • 24 mm,
  • 20 mm,
  • 16 mm,
  • 12 mm,
  • 8 mm,
  • 4 mm.

This solution makes it possible to place the holes consistently and repetitively without the need to measure.

Why a router?

A plunge router with a plunge-cutting bit and a guide bushing which matches the template allows for drilling straight holes without the risk of skewing.

Set includes:

  • The template,
  • 4 positioning pins.



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