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Universal template (short) for cabinet hardware.

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Universal template for hardware allows quick and accurate location of drilling points for drawer slides and hinge mounting plates.

Thanks to positioning pins the template can be offset 20 or 37 mm from the edge of the piece.

The center of outermost punch holes is located 33 mm from the edge of the template to maintain the distance from the bottom panel of the cabinet for tandembox type drawers.

The punch holes are specially designed to allow quick location of the axis of the marked drilling points, and precise positioning of the template.

This version is additionally equipped with positioning pins 21,5 mm from the edge of the drilled piece.

Template dimensions:

  • Overall length: 380mm
  • Width: 66mm,
  • Height: 10mm,
  • Center punch hole diameter: 4,5mm

Set includes:

  • Hardware template,
  • 2 positioning pins


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