Straight fence for MFT tables


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Straight fence for multi-function tables (MFT).

Straight fence

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Straight fence for multi-function tables (MFT) is locked in position with bench dogs and makes scribing easy thanks to a system 32 scale. It can also be used as a fence for tools like biscuit jointer, dowel jointer or edge/plunge router.

Thanks to specially designed holes it can be placed at a 90- or 45-degree angle or any other position, depending on the location of bench dog holes on the table.

Bench dog hole diameter is 25 mm, so the short bench dog will not protrude from the fence.

Fence dimensions:

  • Overall length: 909mm
  • Width: 55mm,
  • Height: 10mm,
  • Distance between outermost holes: 864mm.

Set includes:

  • The fence



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